UNE Weekly Blog Post Nate: Bulkheads

This week I worked on bulkheads. The transom was being planed down to the correct angle while I worked on this. I had already used the band saw to cut out the shape in plywood of the two bulkheads but now I needed to add cleats to the edges. I used the bevel square to measure the angles of the cuts that needed to be done and then I used the band saw to make those cuts on the pieces of wood. The top cleat on the bulkhead needed to be ¾ of an inch square so I used the table saw to rip the piece of wood down to that dimension. When all of the wood was cut I need to start gluing. I coated both sides of the wood and adhered them together. Then clamped them to the table. I then thickened the epoxy and went between the cracks to fill in where it needed it.

The process was essentially the same as the transom except with softer wood and simpler cuts. I did forget to cover both sides of the wood with epoxy initially but after correcting that it went together smoothly. Clamping the epoxy together was difficult. With the table I had chosen it was hard to get a secure clamp on it. We used paint cans on the middle of the table to keep it pressure constant.