On the Water

Discovering New Strengths, New Worlds


The On the Water Program brings students into the natural laboratory unique to our backyard. Students study navigation, weather systems, tides, and local ecology. Many of the youth in our programs haven’t had the opportunity to experience our maritime environment. Rowing small wooden boats is a unique entree into the natural world. When combined with studying maps and charts, students begin to recognize themselves as part of a larger ecosystem. Environmental stewardship develops as students learn to interpret and appreciate the world around them.

In our increasingly electronic and virtual world, young people are suffering from a lack of physical activity, with results including obesity and diabetes. Rowing wooden boats is a high interest, high value endeavor. It provides both a fun and rewarding opportunity for students to exercise in the fresh salt air; and it can help combat the effects of more sedentary time in front of computers, televisions, and other electronic devices.  Rowing is a full-body workout that requires strong communication skills and teamwork.

RowingIn 2013, we added a new vessel to our fleet of rowing dories. The 34-foot Crestwood Rowing Gig, built by South Portland Alternative Education Math and Gorham BRIDGES classes. This six-person vessel, allows Compass Project to expand its on the water offerings to more students as well as adults.

If interested in booking a team building experience aboard a Compass Project boat for your youth or adult group, please contact Shaun at shaun@feedtheengine.org


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