Design/Build Program

Model Boat Design/Build Program

These colorful and creative model boats were designed and built by students in Compass Project’s Model Boat Design/Build program. The pilot program this Fall occurred through a strong collaboration with Thornton Academy’s Honors Introduction to Engineering teacher, Geoff Slack.

Students learned basic boat design theory and sketched out their ideas on pencil and paper. Students then worked at Engine to 3D model their boats using the computer-aided design (CAD) program, Rhino. Finally, students constructed scale models of their boats at the Compass Project boatshop, located at Biddeford High School. Several students showed off their model boats at the Maine Boatbuilders Show. All of the completed boats will be part of a school-wide presentation and will also be on public display at Engine’s art gallery.

In a post program, online survey, 90% of students gave the highest possible rating for the Design/Build program and had this to say about their experiences:

“I gained more confidence on my project building skills. It was great to see how good our final result looked.”

“I gained a deep understanding on how time consuming and difficult it is to build a boat.”

“A lot of fun, and great to have the experience of using Rhino and building a prototype under my belt going into college”