Boats for Sale


There is such a thing as doing good while messing about in boats! When you buy a student-built boat from Compass Project, you are investing in local young people who are overcoming barriers to success, you are supporting an innovative youth development program committed to positive outcomes through hands-on learning, and you get to own a wooden boat that has been handcrafted with perseverance and pride.

Over the years, Compass Project’s boat shop has been the site of an extensive selection of boat projects; our students have built sailing skiffs, rowing dories, canoes, prams, wherries, stand up paddle boards, and more. All boats are built to professional standards under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers. At the Compass Project boat shop, we specialize in glued plywood construction which results in boats that are strong, lightweight, low-maintenance and watertight. We also make oars!

We want you to share our enthusiasm for youth-built wooden boats, and buying one is a great way to do it.

If you don’t see what you need, please consider commissioning a project.  Please contact us at (207) 370-9130 or

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