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There is such a thing as doing good while messing about in boats! When you buy a student-built boat from Compass Project, you are investing in local young people who are overcoming barriers to success, you are supporting an innovative youth development program committed to positive outcomes through hands-on learning, and you get to own a wooden boat that has been handcrafted with perseverance and pride.

Over the years, Compass Project’s boat shop has been the site of an extensive selection of boat projects; our students have built sailing skiffs, rowing dories, canoes, prams, wherries, stand up paddleboards, and more. All boats are built to professional standards under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers. At the Compass Project boat shop, we specialize in glued plywood construction which results in boats that are strong, lightweight, low-maintenance and watertight. We also make oars!

We want you to share our enthusiasm for youth-built wooden boats, and buying one is a great way to do it. See below for our inventory.

If you don’t see what you need, please consider commissioning a project.  Please contact us at (207) 370-9130 or Shaun Gill:


Compass Skiff

Price: $1,700 + ME Sales Tax (includes oars/oarlocks, no motor, trailer, or other accessories)
Inventory: Launched June 2017; 1 currently available
Designer: Clint Chase
Length Overall: 9 ’6”
Beam:  4’ 1”
Draft: 3″
Depth amidship:  17 1/2″
Propulsion: small (6hp) outboard motor (not included) or 6 1/2′ oars (included)

The Compass Skiff was designed to meet two needs in the community: a cute, small, outboard-driven skiff that provided a stable platform to help kids get out on the rivers and lakes and protected bays, and, secondly, to create a boat that was so easy and fun to build that we could do it in 2-days at the first annual Biddeford Boatbuilding Festival. While performance is not the point of a small outboard skiff like this, a 6hp motor can definitely get this boat to plane no problem and a 3.5hp would power her just fine. The Compass Skiff makes a capacious dinghy or all around fun boat to explore in.

John Dory jondory
Cost: $2,500 + ME Sales Tax
Inventory: 1 in stock built by Westcott Middle School, 2007. Refinished in 2014, 1 currently available
Designer: Ian Oughtred
Length Overall: 18’ 1”
Beam: 4’ 7”
Weight: 200lbs + –
Glued lapstrake construction with marine grade plywood result in a lightweight yet seaworthy boat. A modern take on a traditional design, the John Dory is a great boat for rowing in a variety of conditions. Conditions permitting the dory can be handled by one or two strong rowers but is arranged to accommodate up to four rowers and one coxswain. Price includes original oarlocks and sockets, rudder, and steering yoke. Please note that oars are not included at this price.

Previous Builds

Deblois St Dory

Inventory: Launched June 2016; SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year. (rowing version with centerboard trunk, 2 sets of oars included, multiple sail options available for additional fee)
Designer: Clint Chase
Length Overall: 18 ’8”
Beam:  4’ 10”
Draft: (232lbs), 3″ (460lbs), 6″ (740 lbs)
Designed Weight:  300 lbs + –

The Deblois St. Dory (DSD) is a modern take on the famous Swampscott dory. The traditional hull shape has been adapted for typical recreational use as a sail-and-oar boat. Two or three people could load up the dory for weekend camping trips to explore the Maine Island Trail, or other waterways. The DSD is also very well suited for hourly excursions because the boat can be easily launched at a boat ramp for a leisurely row or sail, or both! A dory is a natural choice for shallow waters, tripping, beaching, and all around use where versatility is paramount, capacity is important, and rowing or sailing in tandem is the goal.

The Dory has three rowing stations and could accommodate a coxswain to help steer. Conditions permitting, the boat can also be handled by a single rower. There are a variety of sail rig options available at an additional cost to the base price.

Former Compass Project program director, Shane Hall, built the DSD Hull #1 and thoroughly enjoys exploring Casco Bay, the Maine Island Trail, and the large lakes of western and northern Maine. The DSD fully accommodated two people with ample gear and supplies on a weeklong camping trip on Moosehead Lake where the rapidly changing weather conditions made Shane extremely glad that he was in the dory which would handle the rough conditions.

This boat is currently under construction at the Compass Project boat shop in Biddeford. Middle and High School student groups will be building the boat over the course of the school year. Commissioning this year’s project would be a great opportunity to visit the boat shop, get to know the youth builders, and even lend a hand with part of the building process if you want to!

Eastport Pram: Rowing/Sailing/MotorboatIMG_20160624_131443571

Inventory: SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Designer: Chesapeake Light Craft
Length Overall: 7’ 9”
Beam:  48″
Designed Weight:  65lbs + –    Capacity: 375lbs








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Shenandoah Whitehall Skin-on-Frame Rowboat 

Price: TBD 
Inventory: SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Designer: Dave Gentry
Length Overall: 13’ 6”
Beam:  47″
Designed Weight:  60lbs + –

Based on a classic New York Whitehall in the Mystic Seaport collection, the Shenandoah Whitehall is a much lighter and easier to build skin-on-frame adaptation, superb as a rowing craft. The hull is constructed of marine ply and spruce stringers. Skinned with 8 oz polyester, the rowing version weighs about 55-60lbs, with full floatation under the thwarts. The boat is relatively easy to carry and cartop – no trailer necessary! Please note that the boat in the picture is just an example. The currently under construction may differ slightly.

Nutshell Cropped for sale website

Nutshell Pram 
Inventory:  SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Designer: Joel White
Length Overall: 9’6”
Beam:  4’ 4”
Draft: dagger board up:  5”,  Dagger board down: 1’ 11”
Designed Weight:  100lbs + –
The Nutshell Pram is a big little boat. At just under 10’ the pram can easily accommodate 3 people and gear. Although widely used as a tender, the Nutshell is also a great learn to sail boat for kids or adults alike. Price includes the boat, rudder/tiller, dagger board and all spars; sail and oars are not included.

Fiddlehead CanoeFiddlehead
Double Paddle Canoe (similar to a kayak)
  SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Designer: Harry Bryan
Length Overall: 10’6”
Beam:  2’ 4”
Intended capacity: 1 person up to approx. 200 Ibs. and 6′ tall
Designed Weight: 45lbs + –
Hull type:
Flat bottomed decked canoe; Round sided dory
Construction: Lap-strake cedar.
The 10-½’ Fiddlehead is a redesign of Henry Rushton’s “Wee Lassie.” This was done in order to use the much simpler dory construction. She is a very able boat for her size and will carry an adult equally well on a still duck pond or open bay. Her watertight storage compartments and spray deflecting cover give her extra security despite her small size. See the plan here.


Penobscot 17 Wood Canvas Canoe

Penobscot 17 Wood Canvas Canoe
Designer: Jerry Stelmok
Inventory: SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Length: 17’ 4”
Beam: 34”
Depth: 12”
Weight: 75lbs
This canoe was carefully built by an advanced group of South PortlandHigh School students who had prior experience building boats at Compass Project.  The Penobscot 17 was expertly drawn by Jerry Stelmok based on the time tested designs of E.M. White, himself drawing inspiration from the Malecite and Penobscot Indians of central Maine. With a flat bottom and tumblehome sides, upswept profile, bow and stern, and a distinctive sheerline, this canoe is a fast boat for pleasure paddling and provides a stable platform for fishing. For one or two paddlers with ample room for gear and supplies. This canoe is a work of art that looks equally beautiful hanging on the wall or gliding across the water. The Penobscot 17 would be perfect for the fisherman who appreciates quality and workmanship or for anybody who wants to experience Maine’s bounty of lakes and waterways in traditional style. This work of art would also be well suited for display in a restaurant, bed & breakfast, or vacation home.

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Compass Project Stand Up Paddle Board (CP SUP)

Compass Project Stand Up Paddle Board (CP SUP)
Inventory: SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Designer: Matt Barton
Length: 11’
Beam: 32”
Depth: 4 ¾”
Weight: 35lbs
The CP SUP was custom designed to provide a great all around paddle board for beginner to intermediate riders ranging from 120-200 pounds. Moderately beamy with rounded nose and sides, this board is a pleasure to paddle in flat water but can also handle a small amount of chop and surf. The board uses torsion box construction: cedar strips are built around a hollow framework of marine plywood. The entire board is sheathed in fiberglass and finished with epoxy and varnish. The result is a lightweight yet strong high performance board with the classic look of a wooden surfboard. The board comes with a single 10” removable fiberglass fin, center handle, and breathing vent.

Nez Perce 13
Inventory: SOLD! Inquire about commissioning one to be built next school year.
Designer: Ken Swan
Length Overall: 13’ 6”
Beam: 4’ 11”
Depth Amidships: 14-3/4
Weight: + – 190lbs
Capacity: 665 lbs

The Nez Perce 13 is a planing hull motor boat that performs best with a 4 to 8hp outboard motor. It will comfortably carry 3 adults with gear and will handle choppy water. The sides of the boat flare, dory style, from stem to stern making the boat dry, safe, and at the same time, good looking. The hull is planked with okhume plywood, 9 mil (3/8”) on the sides and 12m (1/2”) on the bottom. The entire bottom plank is sheathed in fiberglass wrapping around the chines. This particular boat under construction is being built with internal chine logs giving the boat a more classic look. The skiff is built with a fish well for storage accessed via a pivoting forward seat. The Nez Perce comes with 2 sets of oarlocks so it can be rowed if need be. This is a great boat for getting the family out on the water or for exploring the Maine Island Trail with the comfort of a motor boat.


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