Afterschool Programs

Setting New Goals, Creating New Friendships

Compass Project offers an array of programs designed to engage students during the afterschool hours. Serving kids ranging from Grades 3 – 12, these programs are designed to introduce kids to the basic concepts of boat design, as well as foster language acquisition, and the strengthening of life skills and work habits.

Previous after-school programs have included:

Girls Group: many variations, including the most recent Cultural Immersion through Boatbuilding and Oar Making.

Girls_group_2Girls from Portland’s immigrant and refugee community worked with girls from Maine to learn the fundamentals of boatbuilding and woodworking, along with academic enrichment and job and social skills. In past years, participants have experienced an increase in self-assurance, self-awareness and self-confidence; building a boat teaches everyone involved the value of collaboration, communication, patience, and resiliency.


Rowing Club: 

Engineering through SeaPerch

Youth Leadership Through Boatbuilding

Boatbuilding and Arts Boys Program


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