A Look Back with Pride

Casco Bay High School Intensive Week 2013

By Wendy West

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As you may have read in our April Newsletter, Compass Project hosted 19 students from Casco Bay High School in the boat shop last week. (Click here to read the article.)

In short, a very large group of students, volunteers, interns, staff and teachers worked together for five days to make progress on the construction of a wooden skiff and row wooden dories on Casco Bay. The week’s boat building aspect focused on pushing forward with a family project which was begun years ago and then set aside; a recent illness in that family inspired the CBHS students’ instructor, David Burke, to take this on as a gesture of good will and support. What I’d like to share are the sentiments that the students took away from this experience…what they did that helped them take pride in their accomplishments.

They stated that they are proud of:

…being part of finishing this boat. – Cintia
…the teamwork and collaboration we had during the process. – Emily
…learning about boat building and rowing. – Jake
…rowing to Fort Gorges. – Tyana
…helping to finish a boat and successfully rowing. – Elise
…being able to help fulfill someone’s needs. – Esther
…contributing to Jon’s boat. – Nate
…being able to come back after being sick and really getting a lot done. – Sam
…being able to teach others how to row and rowing terms. – Ben
…creating transom knees. – Edith
…rowing to Mackworth Island. – Mary
…helping Jonathan make his dreams come true. – Marta
…my achievements with rowing and new skills I acquired in the shop. – Renata
…coming in and doing my best, even when I wasn’t feeling well. – Niko
…that we’ve done so much this week. I’m lucky to be a part of something great like this! – Agustin

As always, we are thankful to the dedicated volunteers without whom we could not have made this program succeed: Bill Coogan, David Fernald, Dixon Riley, Fred Fowler, Joshua Biermann and Roy Chatterjee. We wish the boat’s owner, Jonathan Nolan, all the best and thank him for this opportunity to be of service to his family and to the community.








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